Stone Silo Maple Sugar Beginning in late February until early April, maple syrup farmers honor an old New England tradition. They take to the woods with buckets to gather the sap from sugar maple trees, boiling it down to pure maple syrup. Stone Silo uses the time honored method of using buckets to gather the syrup, not plastic tubes to gather maple syrup so the flavor stays natural and you get pure maple flavor. Sugaring is the first sign of the annual agricultural awakening. Old-man winter slowly disappears in puffs of sweet steam from weather beaten sugarhouse's. The warmth and the aroma of hot syrup contrast with the lingering chill outside.
gathering syrup Everybody helps to gather the maple syrup, they know that soon, hot maple syrup will be poured over a piping hot stack of homemade pancakes or waffles. Outside, the syrup is dribbled over a pan of clean snow to make a rich taffy, called "Sugar on Snow." Stone Silo welcomes you to share in the joy of the first true rite of spring, Maple Syrup time.
Stone Silo Maple Sugar Minding the temperature for the cooking is perhaps the most important part of maple sugaring. It is a process that requires hours of care and attention. It requires constant monitoring of the fire to keep the perfect temperature. Only special seasoned wood is used. Maurice starts gathering his wood in the fall and than splitting it and stacking it. All the wood is seasoned for over a year before it can be used. Maple Sugaring is a talent that comes from the heart.
Bottling syrup At the sugarhouse an evaporator stands ready for the maple sap from the collection tanks. At last the time is here after long months of splitting and stacking wood, gathering the maple syrup and cooking it down for hours and bottling it. Yes, a lot of work but the taste will tell you it is worth it. There is no substitute for real maple syrup. Stone Silo would like to invite you to come and try our homemade maple sugar. Stop by and buy some soon, the rich flavor will amaze you. Syrup is Available year round, call first to make sure were here.

Stone Silo Maple Sugar Stone Silo
Pure Maple Sugar
Available year round.

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