Stone Silo Maple Syrup

Stone Silo Maple Sugar Beginning in late February until early Spring, maple syrup farmers honor an old time honored New England tradition, gathering Maple Sap. In order for the maple sap to flow, the nights need to be below freezing (low 20s) followed by warm days of (40-45° F). This freeze-thaw cycle is critical because as the temperature warms, the ice inside the trunk melts and the ice-compressed gases expand, forcing the sap out of the trunk. We take to the woods with buckets to gather the sap from sugar maple trees, boiling it down to pure maple syrup. Stone Silo uses the time honored methods to gather maple syrup so the flavor stays natural and you get pure maple flavor. Maple Sugaring is the first sign of the annual agricultural awakening. Old-man winter slowly disappears in puffs of sweet steam from weather beaten sugarhouse's. The warmth and the aroma of hot syrup contrast with the lingering chill outside.

gathering syrup at Stone Silo Maple SugarEverybody joins in to help gather the golden maple syrup because they know that soon that thick maple syrup will be poured over a hot stack of delicious homemade pancakes. Meanwhile outside, maple syrup is dribbled over a plate of fresh clean snow to make a rich taffy, called "Sugar on Snow" that teases the taste buds. Soon the taffy is passed around for all to share. Stone Silo Maple Syrup invites you to share in the joy of the first true rite of spring, Maple Syrup time.

Stone Silo Maple Sugar cooking Monitoring the temperature for the cooking of maple syrup is perhaps the most important part of maple sugaring. It is a process that requires many hours of care and close attention. It requires constant care of the fire to keep the absolute perfect temperature at all times. Only specially seasoned wood is used. We start gathering wood for the "next Spring's fire" in the Fall for the wood that we will use on next years batch and than splitting it and stacking it. All the wood is seasoned for over a year before it can be used for heating and boiling down the maple syrup. Maple Sugaring is a talent that comes from the heart.

Stone Silo Evaporating Maple syrup At the sugarhouse the evaporator stands ready for the maple sap. At last the time is here after long months of splitting and stacking wood, hanging the pails, gathering the maple sap, carrying it to the sugar house and cooking it down in the evaporator. After many hours of work and boiling down the maple sap into syrup, you get one gallon of syrup for every 40 gallons of maple sap gathered. At last, it is time to bottle the Maple Syrup. Yes, it is a lot of hard work but the taste will tell you it is worth it. There is no substitute for real maple syrup.

Stone Silo Maple Sugar pouring Stone Silo would like to extend an invitation to you to come and visit us on our sugar farm in South Hadley, Massachusetts and try our delicious home made maple sugar. Stop by any time and purchase some home made pure Maple Syrup, the deep rich flavor will amaze you. Find out the differance between fresh farm made and store bought, the differance will amaze you. The aroma alone is worth the ride. Many people slow down as they drive by our home just to smell our maple syrup when were cooking it in the Spring. Our Maple Syrup is available year round.

Stone Silo  Maple syrup cakeStone Silo Maple Syrup sells many different size bottles from a 1 oz. maple leaf shaped bottle to a half gallon jug, and our syrup comes in a variety of decorative shaped bottles for gift giving. We also distribute to store's, restaurant's and gift shop's and are available at McCray's Farm stand. Please be sure to call us at# 626-3048 first and we'll have your order ready for you.

Stone Silo Maple syrup kids group Stone Silo Maple Syrup would be proud to invite you and your group of school children, scouts or other groups to come and see our pure maple syrup being made. Your group can schedule a FREE guided tour and see the whole process of how Stone Silo Maple Syrup is made. Take a free fun and educational guided tour of our Maple Syrup farm and see the whole process of making Maple Syrup. We will start by showing you the maple trees and how we tap the tree and how we capture the sap.

Stone Silo Maple syrup kids group The tour then heads to the sugarhouse where a large evaporator stands ready to receive sap from collection tanks. Everyone will learn how sap is boiled into syrup, and see the equipment needed for this process. This is certainly a tradition that has something of interest for all ages! At the end of the tour you have the option to purchase one of our many differant sized bottles of maple syrup.

Stone Silo Maple syrup kids group Sign up right here, leave your email address and we'll send you an Email invitation right at the peak of next Maple Syrup time so that you can plan to come at the best time to see and sample the syrup being made.

Stone Silo Maple Sugar  Stone  Silo  Maple  Syrup
100% Pure Maple Syrup

Available year round.  626-3048

Or stop by 355 N. Main St.  South Hadley, Mass.

Available in all sizes from 1 oz. bottle to a 1/2 gallon jug. Including decorative shaped bottles.

Available for Parties, Restaurants, Stores, and Gift shop distribution also.